Issue 45: State Budget Revenues - I Q, 2015
In the first quarter of 2015, the state budget revenues increased (14.6%) compared to the first quarter in 2014. Among them, tax revenues increased by 11.5% (189.1mln. GEL), grants by 6 times (48.7 mln. GEL) and the other receipts by 21.4% (11.4 mln. GEL). In this period the revenues increased from profit (26.5%), value added (11.8%), income (4.5%) and excise (11.3%) and declined from import (-22.6%) taxes.   In the first quarter of 2015, the state budget expenditures also increased (8.8%) in comparison with the indicator of the same period in 2014. Among them, expenditures on percent increased by 40.5%, on payments of employees by 10.1%, on social protection by 9.6%, on subsidies by 8.1%, on grants by 4.5%, on goods and service by 2.6% and on other expenditures by 7.1%.
Issue 44: Average Monthly Incomes and Expenditures Per Household
In 2007-2013, the average monthly incomes and expenditures, which are one of the indicators of standard of living, has increasing trend. The corresponding indicators for 2014 have not published yet *.   In 2014, the average monthly nominal salary of employees in business as well as in non-business sectors increased by 9% and by 7% respectively compared to 2013.
Issue 43: Real GDP & FDI, 2014
The preliminary estimates of the real GDP growth rate in January 2015 is 0.5% and in February - 4.9%.   In 2014, the indicator of the real GDP growth rate was 4.8%, which exceeds (1.5 percent point) to the corresponding indicator in 2013 (3.3%).   In 2014, the volume of foreign direct investment increased significantly (35.1%) compared to 2013.
Issue 42: External Trade - 2014
  In 2014, the volume of the registered trade turnover is 11 457 mln. USD. The share of import in total registered turnover is 75% and the share of export is 25%. In 2014, the volume of export decreased (-1.6%) and the volume of import increased (7.1%) compared to 2013.   The indicator of export decreased significantly in IVQ 2014 compared to IVQ 2013 and continued to decrease (-26.9%) in the period of January - February 2015 compared to the corresponding period in 2014. The volume ofthe  registered import also decreased (-2.2%) in January-February 2015.    
Issue 41: Energy Sector - 2014
In 2014, both the volume of the internal generation (2.9%; 292.9 as well as consumption of power (5.1%; 507 increased compared to 2013. In mentioned period, the power consumption exceeds the power generation, hence, the negative balance was satisfied by the import of electricity (793.2 In 2014, the value added in energy sector increased (5.2%) compared to 2013. In the first three quarters of 2014, the volume of investments in energy sector declined (-52.9%) compared to corresponding period in 2013.
Issue 40: Banking Sector - 2014
In 2014, the volume of the deposits increased (20.8%) compared to 2013. In this period the volume of the loans to the national economy also increased (23.4%).   In 2014, the share of the deposits denominated in the foreign currency (60.2%) remains the same compared to 2013, which points that the level of dollarization did not change. In this period, the share of the loans denominated in foreign currency is 60.8%, which is lower (-1.2% point) than the indicator of 2013.   In this period, the profit of the commercial banks increased (22%; 85.8 mln. GEL) compared to 2013.
Issue 39: Gasoline Prices in The World and in Georgia
Since July 2014, the world price of the crude oil per barrel has started to decline significantly. In January 2015, the price on per barrel (116 liter) of crude oil decreases by 57.45 USD compared to July 2014 and equals 45.7 USD. Hence, in this period, the world price of the crude oil decreased by 55.7%, while the price of premium type gasoline in Georgia decreases only by 20.3%. In 2014, the daily world oil supply increases by 2.1% compared to 2013. In this period, the daily world oil demand also increases (0.7%), but the growth of demand is lower compared to the growth of supply, hence, on average the daily world crude oil supply exceeds the daily world crude oil demand by 0.8 mb.
Issue 38: Visitors in Georgia - 2014
In 2014, the number of visitors is 101.2 thousands more compared with the corresponding indicator in 2013. The most of the visitors (86.2%) entered Georgia from neighbouring countries (Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia) via land border. In this period, the number of visitors entered Georgia via land border, as well as airplanes increased ( 0.8%; 9.4%) compared to the corresponding indicators in 2013. In the first three quarters of 2014, the exports of tourism services (4.6% ) as well the imports of tourism services increased (1.3%; ). In the same period the tourism sector value-added also increased (11.8%).
Issue 37: Real GDP & FDI, I-III Q 2014
In the first three quarters of 2014, real GDP increased (5.9%; 645 mln.GEL) compared to the corresposding period in 2013. The largest contributions to the real GDP growth have the following sectors: construction (1.2 percentage point), manufacturing (1.1 percentage point) and trade (1.1 percentage point).   In this period, the volume of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) also increased (29.1%; 208.3 mln.USD), basically due to the significant increase of FDI (99.2%) in the third quarter of 2014. It is noteworthy, that since 2008, such large inflow of FDI have not been in any quarter. In the first three quarters of 2014, the volume of FDI equals to 923.3 mln.USD.
Issue 36: State Budget Performance - 2014
In 2014, state budget revenues are expected to be fully executed, while budget expenditures will reach 98% of the planned level. Moreover, tax revenues will exceed the planned indicator nearly by 70-80 mln. GEL. In January-November 2014, the most significant increase in the revenues was from VAT (15.5%; 445.7 mln. GEL), excise tax (12.3%; 80.6 mln. GEL) and grant revenues (45%; 62.4 mln. GEL), compared to the same period last year. Social expenditures (24%; 445.7 mln. GEL) and expenses on goods and services (17%; 106.7 mln. GEL) have increased as well.