Policy Papers
Professional Development of Civil Servants in Georgia – Supporting the Shift to Online Learning

The research objectives are to examine the challenges that exist in the civil servants’ professional development system, in general, explore barriers specifically associated with the shift to online learning, assess the readiness of civil servants for online training, and develop recommendations to increase the effectiveness of remote teaching.

The research methodology is based on a mixed-method design and combines qualitative and quantitative approaches: analysis of the existing documents, interviews with key informants, focus group discussions, and a computer-assisted telephone survey that is representative for professional civil servants working in the councils and town halls across the country. In order to provide in-depth analysis of the issue, the research draws on the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, including civil servants as well as representatives of the Civil Service Bureau, international organizations, and training centers.

Analysis of Gaps in the Law of Georgia on Public Service

The purpose of the study was to identify gaps hindering efficient human resource management, as well as to increase the predictability and protection of public servants’ activities.

Assessment of Fiscal Sustainability of the Universal Healthcare Program in Georgia, 2015-2030

During the past decade, Georgia reformed its health sector and achieved a decline in child and infant mortality, a reduction in expenditure of inpatient services, an improvement in accessibility, equity and affordability of healthcare services. However, healthcare still remained unaffordable for almost half of the population, and people were spending a large share of their income on out-of-pocket expenses in comparison to other low-and medium-income countries.


Analysis of the Medium Term Fiscal Policy Sustainability in Georgia

The research “Analysis of the medium term fiscal policy sustainability in Georgia” assesses the fiscal sustainability of the country in medium and long-term periods. A stable development oriented fiscal policy is crucial for the sustainable economic development of a country.


Analysis of the State Procurement System of Georgia

The research paper “Analysis of the State Procurement Policy of Georgia” studies the strength and challenges of the existing state procurement system of Georgia. The research is based on the analysis of state procurement policy, conducted interviews with representatives of large procuring entities and suppliers of goods and services, with representatives of the State Procuring Agency.