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Issue 64: “New Year Products” Prices - 2015
Issue 64: “New Year Products” Prices - 2015

The current publication of newsletter gives an overview of four important New Year products, such as walnut, honey, pork and cheese. According to the diffused opinion, the prices of almost every product increases during the New Year time. However, the overall price level declined (-0.6%) in December 2015, compared to November, the same year. The prices have been declined on walnut (-4.7%), honey (-2.8%), pork (-0.7%) and on cheese (-1.0%).

In December 2015, compared to corresponding period in 2014, the overall price level increased (4.9%). In this period, prices on walnut (-2.8%), pork (-1.7%) and on cheese (-3.5%) declined, while the price on honey increased (3.8%).