Periodic issues
Issue 47: External Trade - I Q, 2015
Issue 47: External Trade - I Q, 2015

In the first quarter of 2015, the volume of registered trade in goods is 2,277.7 mln. USD. The share of registered import of goods in total turnover is 77.9% and the share of registered export of goods is 21.1%. During this period, the export (-28.0%) and import (-7.1%) volume declined. Export to CIS countries decreased by -55% (-216.4 mln. USD) while to EU countries increased by 21% (29.6 mln. USD). The major contribution in the reduction of export to CIS is a significant decline of export to the following countries: Azerbaijan (-82 mln. USD), Ukraine (-42 mln. USD), Armenia (-41 mln. USD) and Russia (-40 mln. USD). This supports the argument that export diversification remains an important issue.


Export (-21%) and import (-19%) volume continues to decline in April 2015, but the rate of decline of imports is increasing and the rate of decline of exports is decreasing in comparison with the previous months 2015.