Periodic issues
Issue 36: State Budget Performance - 2014
Issue 36: State Budget Performance - 2014

In 2014, state budget revenues are expected to be fully executed, while budget expenditures will reach 98% of the planned level. Moreover, tax revenues will exceed the planned indicator nearly by 70-80 mln. GEL.

In January-November 2014, the most significant increase in the revenues was from VAT (15.5%; 445.7 mln. GEL), excise tax (12.3%; 80.6 mln. GEL) and grant revenues (45%; 62.4 mln. GEL), compared to the same period last year. Social expenditures (24%; 445.7 mln. GEL) and expenses on goods and services (17%; 106.7 mln. GEL) have increased as well.