Assessing digital learning readiness in Georgia’s public sector
Assessing digital learning readiness in Georgia’s public sector

In response to the Civil Service Bureau’s initiative to create a unified online learning platform for civil servants, PMC Research is starting a new project under UNDP’s “Supporting Public Administration Reform of Georgia” program to assess the digital learning readiness of civil servants in Georgia. The research team will employ a mixed-method research design, integrating quantitative and qualitative methods to identify potential challenges posed by the shift to online learning and then preparing relevant recommendations.

Specifically, the team will review the legal framework and the existing mechanisms of professional development for civil servants in Georgia and will analyze the obstacles limiting their effectiveness. The research team will also conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders and civil servants to better understand the potential challenges that could arise from the shift to online learning among ethnic minority groups. Additionally, the study includes a large-scale phone survey of civil servants to assess civil servants’ digital competence and readiness. Moreover, the study will include actionable recommendations for the development of an effective online learning platform for civil servants.

“The soon-to-be-established online platform for distance learning will offer an opportunity to harmonize all resources of local and international organizations with respect to the professional development of Georgia’s civil servants. Specific mechanisms and incentives need to be put in place to ensure that the potential benefits of distance teaching are realized in practice. Therefore, our research is very timely, as we aim to provide concrete recommendations based on a synthesis of perspectives gathered from different stakeholders as well as a review of international experience,” said Ms. Maya Komakhidze, Researcher at PMC Research.

The project is part of UNDP’s wider initiative to support the ongoing Public Administration Reform in Georgia implemented with the assistance from the UK Government.

Please kindly follow the link below for detailed information about the project: Digital Learning Readiness Assessment – Supporting the Shift to Online Learning in Georgia’s Public Sector