Our Funding
Our Funding

The majority of PMC Research Center's funding comes from international organizations, and in order to be accountable and transparent, PMC Research Center makes information about its projects and funding levels available.

Project Origin of Funding Duration Amount
Joint Feasibility Study of Possible Outcomes of Georgia-China Free Trade Agreement Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development 2015 ** GEL 10,000
Public Policy Discourse Panel: Policy Research for Sustainable Economic Development Konrad Adenauer Foundation 2015 * EURO 16,500
Transferring V4 and Georgia Reform Experience to Facilitate Economic Development in Belarus International Visegrad Fund 2015-2016 EURO 65,000
Public Policy Discourse Panel: Policy Research for Sustainable Economic Development KAS 2015 * EURO 16,500
Sharing Experience of Public-Private Dialogue in EU Integration Process for Moldova and Georgia International Visegrad Fund 2015-2016 EURO 63,000
Support of Public Finance Policy Reform (PFM) EU 2015-2018 ** EURO 252,595
Budget Transparency: Civil Society Oversight of Public Spending EU 2014-2015 ** GEL 43,500
Adjara Autonomous Republic Rural Development Strategy UNDP 2014-2015 USD 149,884
Organization Development Fund to Think Tank Open Society International 2014-2016 USD 65,200
Sharing Experience of Georgian Reforms and Visegrad Countries' EU Economic Integration for Albania and Kosovo International Visegrad Fund 2014-2015 EURO 63,000
Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia UNDP/EU 2014-2015 USD 154,923
Sharing Georgia’s Experience on Successful Economic Reforms with Belarus MFA of Czeck Republic 2014 EURO 16,000
Institutional Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Autonomous Republic of Adjara, ENPARD ADJARA UNDP/EU 2013-2015 USD 147,420
Analysis of Medium Term Fiscal Policy Sustainability in Georgia EWMI 2013 USD 47,429
Analysis of the State Procurement System of Georgia EWMI 2013-2014 USD 59,807