Our Funding
Our Funding

The majority of PMC Research Center's funding comes from international organizations, and in order to be accountable and transparent, PMC Research Center makes information about its projects and funding levels available.

Project Origin of Funding Duration Amount
Research of Good Practices and Moderation of Virtual Events at Municipal Level in Times of COVID-19 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) 2020-2021 186,803 GEL
Cluster Diagnostic Study of Poultry in Kvemo Kartli Region, and Processing and Preserving Fruits and Vegetables in Guria Region Clusters United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 2020-2021 40,975 GEL
Mixed-Method Participatory Evaluation of the Promoting Citizen Engagement for Economic Development (PROCEED) Project Heks Eper 2020 USD 16,155
Digital Learning Readiness Assessment – Supporting the Shift to Online Learning in Georgia’s Public Sector UNDP 2020-2021 8,560 USD
Sector and Value Chain Analytics DAI Global 2020-2022 USD 28,646
Creating an Organizational Development Strategy and Action Plan for the Tsalka Local Action Group (LAG) European Commission/ENPARD III 2020 GEL 11,333
Capacity Assessment, Strategic Planning and Comprehensive Capacity Development for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Georgia European Commission 2020-2021 11,550 EUR
Creating an M&E Scheme and Action Plan for the Local Development Strategy of Tsalka for 2020-2024 European Commission/ENPARD III 2020 GEL 1,995
Supporting an Inclusive Youth Policy by Establishing Sustainable Youth Platforms and Promoting Non-formal Education in Racha Youth Agency 2020-2021 GEL 17,490
Participatory Monitoring of the State Rural Support Program in Mestia Municipality Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency 2020 GEL 55,553
Supporting the Development of the Skills Agency in Georgia UNDP 2020 USD 4,301
Analysis of the SME ecosystem and identification of SBFIC interventions aimed at supporting rural finance development in Azerbaijan SBFIC 2020 USD 7,200
Business Plan for Agronavti Mobile Application Spin-Off Company Chemonics International 2020 EUR 21,462
Cluster diagnostic Study in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region of Georgia United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) 2020 GEL 35,000
Analyses of SME ecosystem and identification of SBFIC interventions aiming at support of rural finance development in Georgia SBFIC 2020 USD 9,550